As your online headshop, we here at Smoker’s Plaza understand how important storage jars are for your legal herb. We have glass storage jars, discrete stash cans, plastic baggies, glass vials, and some products for humidity as well!

Our high-quality storage jars conceal the herbs and conceal the smell. We also have plastic storage jars that do the same. We also have a 2 in 1 storage jar from Medtainer and Airtainer, some very good storage jar brands. These storage jars are better known as storage grinders because they perform two functionalities. We have many Medtainer designs which include the Marble storage jar, Legends storage jar, Under Siege storage jar, solids storage jar, Smokeymon storage jar, Imperial storage jar, Rick N Morty storage jar, comic storage jar, and premium storage jar. We also carry doob tubes, many coloured doob tubes as well.

Some of our best high-quality storage jars are from Cannatonik. Furthermore, we also have TightVac storage jars, which is a very reputable storage jar brand. Our glass vials are great because they are small glass vials. Our glass vials are compact and easily portable over top of that.

As your online smoke shop retailer, Smoker’s Plaza aims to help you find exactly what you are looking for, so if you have questions about our dispensary, we are happy to help you in any way possible. Simply just contact us via email, or through our live chat on our website.