Smoker’s Plaza carries a wide variety of hookah and shisha products as your online headshop! We have high-quality hookahs that capture any eye. Our glass hookahs are beautiful and are high quality glass hookahs. Shisha is when you smoke a tobacco substance through a pipe called a hookah.

Our hookahs come in many different sizes; we have a mini hookah, medium hookah, and a large hookah. These popular in hookah bars and now you can enjoy your own at-home hookah as well! High-quality hookahs typically have three parts which include a tobacco bowl, ash plate, and a mouthpiece for your hookah. We also have these hookah accessories available as we are your online smoke store!

We carry hookah charcoal as well. Our premium charcoal is from good charcoal brands that include Alfakher Charcoal, Three Kings Charcoal, and Taru Instant Light Charcoal. Our high-quality charcoal sells out fast so make sure you get some before it is sold out!

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